A unique oppurtunity to experience an authentic masked ball with the Dance Master

The Gala dinner is a chance to experience an authentic evening ball with the presence of a Dance Master. During and after dinner you can learn the basic steps - easy and fast learning - of the dances from 1700s and 1800s, such as minuet, counterdance, waltz, and other period dances. The four-course dinner is seated and a baroque ensemble will play live throughout the evening. At the arrival of the guests a cocktail will be served.


The palace of the noble Dandolo was the first place in Venice, and in the World, to accomodate a public gaming rooms from 1638 till 1774. The Ridotto was the place where Venetians came together to play games, have fun and spend time together.
Open only during Carnival, which at the time lasted for about six months a year, the Ridotto became one of the very symbols of the Carnival, synonymous with high society and all those celebrations, from theatre to the most extravagant and sophisticated parties, that the Carnival of Venice was known and coveted for throughout Europe.
Casanova himself was a regular visitor and he thought it the perfect place for his conquests.
Towards the end of the 18th century, scandals, debauchery, strange acquaintances and usury reached alarming levels for the government of the Venice Republic, which, on 27 November 1774, decreed the definitive closure of the public Ridotto.
After being used as a theatre, the last renovation has brought back to life the atmosphere of the ancient palace. And today the Ridotto lends itself well to recreate the magic of those carnivals that Europe envied in Venice!