Venice Carnival in costume ™


Masquerade on Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day the Carnival offers an evening where the elegance of the costumes, the fascination of the candlelight, the gracefulness of the music and the romantic period arias mingle with the vibration, the fantasy and the mystery of the masks. The ideal atmosphere to celebrate new lovers, life-long relations and future lovers.

This masquerade with shows and costumes specifically created for this occasion takes place in the Ridotto halls, beating heart of sumptuous Venetian carnivals of the 1700s, frequented by nobles, players and adventurers of the time, as Giacomo Casanova.
The guests will be welcomed by an aperitif then the seated dinner will take place in main hall. The regular menu is based on fish, if you prefer a vegetarian menu or a meat menu you can select them when making the booking.
The party will also feature the involvement of the guests who, under the guidance of the dance teachers, will whirl around the hall replicating the steps of minuets, quadrilles and waltz.

Entrance to the building is at 8 p.m. and it is compulsory to wear period costume, which can be rented at the Atelier Tiepolo.


The palace of the noble Dandolo was the first place to accomodate the "Ridotto", public gaming rooms from 1638 till 1774. It used to be open during Carnival, which lasted several months, and during that time Giacomo Casanova considered the Ridotto as the stage setting and backdrop for his conquests.


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