Venice Carnival in costume ™

A Dinner and Dance with the Dance Master

In the Marco Polo halls of the Hotel Danieli, synonymus with the splendour and romance of Venice, the Gala dinner is a chance to experience an authentic evening ball with the presence of a Dance Master.
During and after dinner the guests will learn the basic steps - easy and fast learning - of the dances from 1700s and 1800s, such as minuet, counterdance, waltz, and other period dances. The four course dinner is seated with wines included and a baroque ensemble will play live throughout the evening.

Hotel Danieli

A stone's throw from Piazza San Marco, along the banks of the Schiavoni, stands the building built for the Dandolo family in the fourteenth century, with a beautiful Gothic facade. Seat of famous receptions, in 1822 it was transformed into a hotel by Giuseppe Dal Niel, a mallet known as 'Danieli', which modifies; in the neo-gothic style, the splendid hall, thanks to the architect Tranquillo Orsi. Just to preserve the artistic value of the hall, today the parties are held in the most modern Marco Polo salon. The hotel has also become famous as a movie set, in fact here were shot some scenes of Moonraker, From Russia with Love, and Casino Royale from the saga of 007 and more recent The Tourist .