Venice Carnival in costume ™

Dance lessons and tour of the secret garden

Discover a secret corner of Venice and spend an afternoon dancing and eating sweets. Upon their arrival the guests will take a tour of the secret garden of the Grand Hotel dei Dogi, the only Venetian hotel with a private green area of more than 2000 m2 made of sinuous paths, trompe l'oeil of rocks, caves and false ruins. The afternoon will continue with what is the trademark of the Venice Carnival in Costume events: the period dances led by the Dance Master and his partner on the music of a baroque trio. The guests will enjoy hot chocolate and Venetian biscuits in a festive atmosphere.
From St. Mark Square it's possible to reach the hotel by boarding the hotel boat at 3 p.m. from the Royal Gardens of St. Mark. At the end of the event a boat will take you back to St. Mark.


The Patarol family constructed building in the Sixteenth Century, and the noble Rizzo family, extinct in 1833, inherited it. Before becoming the seat of the 5 Star hotel, it hosted a monastery, and the embassies of France and Savoy. The building features the architectural structure of a typical Venetian house. At the time of its construction, the Foundation Madonna of the Garden was the only area to be cultivated in all of Venice; so the building was enhanced with an ample garden, a true rarity.