Venice Carnival in costume ™

Masked Ball at Palazzo Dandolo

In the Hall of the Ridotto, heart of the extravagant carnivals of the 18th century where nobles, gamblers and adventurers such as Giacomo Casanova were regular, it will take place the most elegant party of the Carnival of Venice. When the guests arrive they will enjoy a welcome cocktail and then, the five-course dinner will be served to their tables (wines included) in a magical atmosphere with several appearances created by wonderful Venetian costumes and the best artists. During and after dinner it will take place the Grand Ball led by the Dance Master on the live music of a classical ensemble: a unique experience which combines amusement, elegance, and participation.


The palace of the noble Dandolo was the first place to accomodate the "Ridotto", public gaming rooms from 1638 till 1774. It used to be open during Carnival, which lasted several months, and during that time Giacomo Casanova considered the Ridotto as the stage setting and backdrop for his conquests. Now the hall belongs to the hotel Monaco & Grand Canal. The welcome cocktail will take place in the Crozzola hall and the dinner in the Ridotto main hall.