Halequinade Ballet


The Venetian Carnival Ball, an International appointment since 1998

This special edition of the Tiepolo Ball celebrates its 25th anniversary in a magical place in Venice: the Apollonian Halls of La Fenice Theatre, historically the halls dedicated to dance and entertainment in Venice and dedicated precisely to the God of the Sun Apollo, with clear reference to Louis XIV, the Sun King patron saint of ballet that here, in a carnival version, the guests can meet in his famous interpretation of the Sun, which he represented in the Ballet de la Nuit.

Guests will be welcomed by a rich aperitif in the foyer of the theatre followed by a rich DINNER in the Apollonian Halls. The menu, created ad hoc and with attention to details, will present fish dishes. For those who prefer a vegetarian or meat menu, can indicate it at the time of booking.

During the evening the CLASSICAL ORCHESTRA will create a lovely atmosphere together with the opera singers, dancers and the various performers who will move between the different rooms wearing sumptuous costumes created by the Atelier Tiepolo.

After dinner the GRAND BALL will begin in the foyer of the theatre. There, the Dance Master with his partner will involve guests in the historical dances of the European courts, and the orchestra will accompany them. Between dances, guests can enjoy hot chocolate, Venetian fritters and Prosecco.

It is compulsory to wear a PERIOD COSTUME, which can be rented at the ATELIER TIEPOLO (look below for the different offers).

foto Ballo Tiepolo


Since its construction in 1792 by the architect Giannantonio Selva the style of the Gran Teatro La Fenice is the neoclassical style then resumed also by Giambattista Meduna for the restoration of 1854; this style appears 'old fashion' for the time, but dusting off the art of the late eighteenth century, Meduna hopes to be able to conserve in this theatre the memory of an era in which Venice was still great. He wanted to remove the specter of decadence in which the city was pouring, even for the time of a show.


The Apollonian Halls, also in neoclassical style, have always been the beloved place of the city as a ballroom, venue for concerts and, in more recent times, venue for cultural initiatives.

campo San Fantin, San Marco 1965

costumes rental offers

DATE: Saturday, February 10th 2024 at 8p.m. (SOLD OUT)